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 Borinqueneers MC PA CHAPTER

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BCGM Funding Campaign

History was made with President Obama signing into law the BCGM Legislation Public Law 113-120 on June 10, 2014. The Borinqueneers 65th Infantry Regiment Congressional Gold Medal intends to honor ALL those who fought with and in support of the 65th Infantry Regiment since the unit's inception.


ONLY ONE Gold Medal will be fabricated by the US Govt. for exhibition in the Smithsonian Museum.The CGM is a collective recognition (not an individual recognition) that encompasses all soldiers in the 65th Infantry Regiment from 1899 until 1956. Hence, veterans do not "qualify" or are "eligible" for the Gold Medal.



At a date to be determined in the long term future, the US Dept. of Treasury will produce Bronze Gold Medal replicas for public sale after the original gold medal is presented. The price of the Bronze Gold Medal replicas ranges from about $40-$55 but this is just an approxiamate amount so until the replicas are completed and a final price has been calculated.


Our organization wants to be able to purchase the replica medals to give to the Original Borinqueneers veterans as a tribute to the call of duty and gallant service.


Please Help us in this cause by making a donation in the Honor of these Brave Men "The Borinqueneers"


You can make you contribution by calling 484-767-5884 or to mail a check or money order to:




The Borinqueneers 65th Infantry Regiment MC


P.O. Box 22101


Lehigh Valley, Pa 18002-2101





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